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Calendar Overlays do not display


I'm using one of the starter master pages which I have customized. When I apply it to my site, it hides the little calendar overlay section that normally appears under the calendar date picker in the left-nav: See attachment "Calendar Overlay.docx"
When I apply my master page, I can see the date picker, but the “Calendars in View” section is gone: See attachment "Calendar Overlay.docx".
Originally, I couldn’t even see the date picker, but I realized that the PlaceHolderCalendarNavigator ContentPlaceHolder was hidden, so I simply un-hid it and that worked for the date-picker. I thought that would also fix the calendar overlay issue, but it didn’t. I’ve tried un-hiding most of the left-nav placeholders, but to no avail.
I don’t think this is a permissions issue because when I apply the v4.master back, I can see the section, so it must be related to a missing style, contentplaceholder, div, etc. Has anyone seen this before or point me in the right direction? I can send my master page for reference if you need it.

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