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Bug (?) with _starter_meetingworkspace.master


Using this in a Enterprise environment, perform the following steps to create a branded workspace:
  • create event with meeting workspace
  • open meeting workspace site with SPD
  • replace MWSDefaultV4.master code with code from _starter_meetingworkspace.master
  • Test the workspace:
    ** Add a new page
    ** Receive Error message: "Error: Unable to render custom view." in the right hand side Tool pane. The webpart pane is not displayed. The page is created anyway.
    Bug or something that can bei fixed easily?
    Other issue: When trying to view or edit properties of a page, I receive an "correlation" error page "Unable to find the default edit form for list Workspace Pages. "
    I put the two errors in one image as attachment.

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axxess wrote Oct 25, 2011 at 8:40 AM

If found a simple solution:
Replace the CustomToolPaneManager in the starter template with the CustomToolPaneManager from the original meeting workspace master:

<div class="s4-notdlg"> <Meetings:CustomToolPaneManager runat="server" __MarkupType="vsattributemarkup" WebPart="true" Height="" Width="" __WebPartId="{835267A9-C9F3-452F-BC2C-E90E9B468005}" id="g_835267a9_c9f3_452f_bc2c_e90e9b468005"/> <Meetings:PropertyBag runat="server"/> </div> With:
<div class="s4-rp s4-app"> <Meetings:CustomToolPaneManager runat="server"/> <Meetings:PropertyBag runat="server"/> </div>

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