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Starter Master Pages for SharePoint 2013
by Randy Drisgill - MVP SharePoint Server

Updated: 4-21-2013

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NOTE: The 2010 Starter Master Pages can be found here

Project Description
Starter Master Pages for SharePoint are a clean, commented starting point for creating your own SharePoint branding.

Project Details
Like my previous SharePoint 2010 starter master pages, I have put together a few minimal master pages that can be used to start a SharePoint 2013 Branding project. They contain only very minimal HTML styling in order to accommodate some of the specific needs of SharePoint 2013 and are commented throughout. I hope you find them useful as a good starting point for creating branded SharePoint sites. If you make improvements upon them that could be used to improve the Starter Master Page experience for others, please share the changes with me through the CodePlex site or through my blog comments.

Here are some notes about the Starter Master Pages (PLEASE READ BEFORE USING):
  • I am placing them on CodePlex and will be releasing updated versions as time goes on
  • Please send feedback (here or on my blog, on problems or changes that you think would help everyone
  • Use at your own risk!
  • There are several versions of my Starter Master Pages:
  • Unlike in 2010 all of the master pages, styles, and images are loaded from the master page gallery. Please add the folder StarterBranding to your master page gallery to start with.
    • Starter PubCollab - A good starting place for SharePoint Server intranet portal or team sites that may or may not have publishing (MDS enabled)
    • Starter Publishing - An example publishing portal. (Not compatible with MDS / team sites)
    • Starter MySiteHost - Starter Master Page for the My Sites host
    • Starter Foundation - Starter Master Page for Foundation sites or standard team sites
    • Starter DesignManager.html - HTML based starter master page for use with the Design Manager in SharePoint Server 2013 (not compatible with MDS / Team sites)

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